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Coleman Sundome 4 person tent


I was impressed by the quality of the budget level Coleman Sundome 4 person tent.

It’s a lightweight tent but sturdy and spacious, at an affordable price that made me double check I was seeing right.

Weighing in at around 11 pounds, it might be a little too hefty for backpacking, but is ideal for car or motorcycle camping.

The clever design makes it very easy to set up and take down, making it well suited for inexperienced campers.

As a parent, I would consider this a great gift for the kids for them to gain experience handling tent set up on their own.

Or if you want your child to save up for his or her own purchase, this one wont break the bank.


The Sundome 4 man tent is ideal for couples.

Technically, it can sleep four persons, if you stretch out next to each other in sleeping bags.

However, if you like a little more comfort, like a double or queen size air mattress, then I would recommend two adults only.

This would leave room to include a young child or if you plan to take your dog camping.

If there are three adults, I’d suggest leave out the blow-up mattress and choose instead some quality sleeping pads.


Teenagers and those into scouting will like this simple to erect dome tent.

It only takes a little practice in the backyard before it can be quickly set up by just one person, no matter how inexperienced.

Two pairs of hands come in handy if conditions are windy.

The tent design is what keeps things simple even if you are a camper in your senior years.

Dome tents are based on a system of three poles.

The pair of longer poles cross over in the form of an X from corner to corner where they are secured.

A third pole is for the tent fly which creates an overhang for the door.


The tub floor design is what I really liked.

There is a feeling of security knowing that you will sleep snug and dry with this Coleman tent’s floor configuration.

The floor is of a similar material to a tarp and is of one with the tent structure.

It comes up several inches from ground level and provides a good barrier against moisture.

This feature alone would seal the deal for me, especially at this price.

Please note that this tent does not come with its own footprint.

I would advise you invest in a tarp of suitable dimensions to place underneath the floor.

This will provide added protection against abrasions from rough ground and an even greater barrier against moisture and the cold.

Remember to fold the protruding edges of the tarp under itself to stop water pooling between it and the floor.

Tarps are cheap, so there is no need to skimp.


This tent is well fitted out for comfort and convenience.

cheap 4 person tent

plenty of ventilation under the fly

Ventilation is important to prevent condensation from building up inside the tent.

That has been taken care of by the installation of sizeable screen panels on the ceiling.

Great for sleeping under the stars, but makes the fly a must to install in damp conditions or when privacy is a priority.

There is a screen on the door and a floor vent near the back of the tent to ensure adequate airflow.

Importantly there also is a zippered port in the front to allow for an extension cord to be passed through into the tent.

Two generous mesh pockets on the inside walls are great for keeping loose items from underfoot.

There is a ceiling hook for conveniently hanging up an electric or battery powered lamp.


Take care of the zippers and extend the tent’s life.

The zippers are the weak point of a lot of modern tents, so treat them well.

Those in this tent are not in the heavy duty category, but do an adequate job.

They are nylon and operate well, although you must be on guard to keep them from getting caught on the flaps, particularly around the door.

If you buy this dome tent for young campers, be sure to drill home the importance of being careful with the zippers.


Spend a little extra on the tent pegs for added security in tough terrain.

A carry bag and tent pegs are included in your purchase.

The stakes are pretty lightweight although perfectly serviceable under ideal conditions.

However, they will prove frustrating because they bend readily if a good deal of hammering is required.

I would recommend replacing the provided stakes with something more sturdy.

For peace of mind, you might want to use some seam sealer but this is not strictly necessary unless you are heading out in wild conditions.


What’s in the Coleman package.

One polyester tent

Sleeps 4 at a pinch

59 inch centre height.

8.5 mm fibreglass poles.

Durable polyethylene floor.

Weight, about 11 lbs.

Dimension: 94.4 X 82.6 X 49.2 ins.

Ground vent and large windows.

Dome design with average set-up of 15 mins.

Snag-free continuous pole sleeves a big reason for the quick set-up.

Rain fly awning for shade and rain protection.

Storage pockets to keep things shipshape.

Patented welded floor structure.

Inverted seams lock out the water.

Pole attachments designed to stand up to the wind.

basic tent pegs.

Carry bag for convenience.


The Coleman Sundome 4 person tent is a top choice if quality on a budget is your buying point.

It’s convenient for four adults if travelling by car and you need to camp overnight and just need shelter for you and your sleeping bags.

Great for a couple of adults if setting up camp for longer and want creature comforts such as a queen size blow-up mattress and room to keep your gear under cover.

4 person Coleman tent

The great outdoors

High enough to sit on camping chairs out of the elements inside, if the weather turns nasty.

The efficient dome tent design means there is a minimal learning curve before you can erect it in around fifteen minutes, whether you’re young or old.

If you think it sounds great, but extra room would be better, there is a Sundome 6 person tent available.

Check out pricing and shipping details.





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