The Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent allows for more than just two room configuration.


Use the room dividers to set up the interior of this family dome tent the way it best suits you.

The Swiss Gear Montreaux has space to spare.

This product will appeal if your priority is a two room tent or more.

Two compartments within the tent can be used as storage rooms.

They can also double as bedrooms, and are each large enough to accomodate a queen-size air mattress.

The rest of the interior can be divided into two distinct living areas.

Swiss Gear Montreaux ten person family dome tent

With rain fly


This is a big tent,with a base size of 17.5 feet by 14 feet.

The weight you’ll be carrying is about 37 pounds.

Tall people are well catered for with its 84″ centre height.

But, this Montreaux family dome tent remains easy to set up.

After a practice run, allow about 20 minutes on your own.


The Swiss Gear Montreaux has design features to ensure stability and comfort.


  • Unique truncated corners provide solid stability.
  • Sewn-in divider creates two distinct living areas.
  • Two utility rooms allow for greater interior flexibility.
  • Factory taped fly seams for added weather proofing.
  • Sonic sealed floors for superior water protection.
  • Full mesh ceiling.
  • Side and rear windows for ideal ventilation.
  • Sturdy zippers on all windows.
  • Dutch “D” style door for easy access.


This family tent’s biggest appeal is its versatility.

As  its rather long title suggests, the Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent can shelter a large group.

That’s O.K. if ten people only need to accomodate their sleeping bags and themselves overnight.

The big plus for the average family group is the ability to add the comforts of home.

Those “comforts” might include a cooler, television, folding table and chairs, or a playpen.

The ability to partition separate sleeping compartments would appeal to young families with infants who need to be bedded down early.


Some less obvious features also make for a happier camping experience.

Swiss Gear Montreaux

Without rain fly

  • Set up instructions are sewn into the carry bag and always within reach.
  • A number of  built-in pockets on the interior.
  • Maintain quick access to the easily lost items, like keys, cell phones, toys and shoes.
  • The mesh top is a hit with young kids.
  • Leave the rain fly off and it’s like sleeping under the stars.
  • An “E-port” allows access for an extension cord from outside.


 There are not too many major complaints associated with this family tent.

But a common gripe about many budget priced modern tents seems to be the lack of durability in the tent pegs, or stakes.

Tents in this price range are not a huge financial outlay, so for peace of mind it really pays to invest in some extra steel stakes for reassurance.

But for a tall tent, the Swiss Gear Montreaux is pretty wind resistent.

An extra tarp for rough ground would not go astray either.


For size and versatility, the Swiss Gear Montreaux ten person family dome tent offers plenty of options.

I have omitted cost details because places like Amazon constantly reviewswiss gear montreau their prices. They are always attempting to offer you the best deal. Just click on the Amazon button to get the current low price.

Don’t forget to check out their free delivery and returns policy.


We paraphrased a selection of  reviews for a quick look at what some happy buyers think about this family tent.


My first experience with the Swiss Gear Montreaux Family Dome Tent  involved getting to the camping ground late.

This meant having to set it up for the first time in fading light.

 It took some troubleshooting the directions to get it together.

But now, I could probably put this tent up in less than 15 minutes by myself.

The Swiss Gear Montreaux is a big tent, and with extra hands you could put it up really quick.

Once up, this family dome tent really offers a lot of room.

The best thing? Being able to stand up straight (I’m 6’2″)

The airflow with the windows zipped open is very good.

Our tent kept nice and cool when it was roughly 90 degrees outside.

The weight of the tent isn’t bad either, although it’s not your backpacking tent for sure.

It also handled some light rain with ease.

– D. Stoddard, Colorado.



The Swiss Gear Montreaux is very easy to put up and just as easy to take down.

 We were able to put up this family dome tent in much less time than it took us to set up a pop-up camper.

The directions are sewn into the bag which is nice.

When we used it camping, there was plenty of room for our family of  four.

We turned one of the small back rooms into a “powder room” with a portable potty (a must when you have young children).

The other small back room we used for storing our gear. 

With a table, fan and TV as well, we still had plenty of room to walk around without tripping over anything.

The Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten person Family Dome Tent can be configured to sleep many more people than our family of four.

But this worked for us and allowed us to still have many conveniences.

Two of the three nights we used it, we didn’t put the rain fly up. The kids thought it was so great to be able to look at the stars from inside the tent.

We put the rain fly up on the third night when it rained quite heavily.

There were no leaks (we sealed the seams prior to use) and we remained quite comfortable even with the windows zipped up.

I’m very pleased with our purchase and expect that we will get a lot of use from this tent.

– S. Dunlap, Texas.



The Swiss Gear Montreaux is an awesome tent, very roomy and doesn’t leak.

I found the air does not flow very well with the rain cap on.

But the ease of putting the rain cap on and off, really didn’t make it a big issue.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

I put this family dome tent up by myself in about 10 minutes, so having another hand or two makes it even easier.

You won’t regret buying this tent. It even goes back into the carrying bag very easily.

The only negative thing I have to say is the metal stakes that come with it, in my opinion, are not very strong or durable.

– Susan Nelson, North Carolina.


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