Coleman WeatherMaster 10The Coleman WeatherMaster is a tent designed with the family in mind.


This cabin tent is configured for easy set up, even though it can shelter up to ten people.


Coleman’s unique “WeatherTec System”  provides the comfort factor with a secure barrier against bad weather.

Erecting the tent is made a simple exercise because of the supplied colour-coded poles.


Please watch the video below to see what an easy to set up tent this is. It takes just one adult with a little, err, “help”  from one of the kids. Tying up the dog during this process is also helpful.


A combination of design features contribute to the WeatherMaster reputation for ease and comfort

  • A 17- foot by 9-foot footprint makes it an ideal family tent.
  • The 6- foot  4-inch centre height allows for ease of movement.
  • The combination of features working with the “WeatherTec system” ensures you stay dry.
  • A 75-denier polyester fly; 68-denier polyester mesh inner tent and 1,000-denier polyethylene floor.
  • Colour-coded poles.
  • Continuous pole sleeves.
  • Shock-corded fibreglass poles.
  • Unique pin-and-ring design, and “InstaClip” attachments.
  •  Separate stake and pole bags are provided.
  •  Easy-to-follow instructions are sewn into the carry bag.


The weatherMaster10 locks out the elements when needed, but has a well designed comfort system to provides superb ventilation control.


The secret to the excellent ventilation in this  two-room tent, is the mesh ceiling which maintains an ideal air flow to keep things fresh inside.

This Coleman cabin tent allows you to take charge of the ventilation via “Variflow” adjustable airflow system.

It features a vented cool-air privacy port and vent window.

Small things can make a big difference, such as a handy electrical access port which lets you run a power cord into the tent from an outside power source.

Bring the power safely in where it’s needed and keep the weather outside.

Another simple but helpful feature is an interior storage pocket to keep the interior organised.



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I have omitted costs because places like Amazon constantly review their prices to Coleman Weathermaster 10ensure you get the best possible deal. Just click the Amazon button to get the latest low price.

Don’t forget to check out their free delivery and returns policy.


 The WeatherMaster tent is geared to prevent wet weather spoiling your camping trip

No need to worry if it’s rainy outside, you’ll stay dry inside.

This tent is engineered to keep things watertight.

And it is not just the water from above that is kept at bay.

The inverted floor seam design is integral to keeping your feet dry as well.

This tent is turned inside out to sew the floor to the wall.

Needle holes and seam thread are inside the tent, and not in contact with the weather.

The seam is taped and double stitched, ensuring a water-impervious floor.


The Coleman WeatherMaster is an impressive tent, but nothing is perfect.

If there is going to be a leak exposed, it is most  likely the fly seam where the ridge pole puts pressure against the needle holes.

By taping over that seam, Coleman has made the rain fly more water-resistant.

You will still be advised to use a seam sealer on it. It will further waterproof all seams it is applied to.


This family tent is built to keep you dry with little effort on your part because it’s all in the design features.


Family tent

  • Polyurethane-coated fabric
  • Water-repellent thread
  • Curved roof design to funnel off water.
  • Leak-free seams.
  • Fully-taped rain fly seams.
  • Doors and windows covered by rain fly.
  • Velcro frame attachments.

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