The Coleman Red Canyon is a versatile family tent in the lower price bracket

Rated an 8-person tent by the manufacturers, it features a color-coded pole system for easy set-up. Removable privacy walls, make it an ideal weekender for mom, dad and the kids, with room to spare for the pooch.

The Red Canyon measures a large 17-foot by 10-foot, with a centre height of  six feet, so will easily shelter eight campers.

Coleman Red Canyon

But by reducing the numbers to that of the average family, there’s plenty of room to stretch and move around.

What makes this tent ideal for the family, is the option of dividing the interior space.

Room dividers block off two smaller sections at each end of the Red Canyon Tent.

These spaces might be a bit tight for two adults, but the kids will love it.

Turn one of the extra rooms into added storage space.

Create an emergency bathroom for those wet and windy nights (don’t forget to bring your potty).

The extra space also functions well for those who go camping with dogs.

Ease of set-up and keeping things organized are features of the Coleman Red Canyon

Each of the pole sets is colored differently, making it easier to follow the supplied assembly instructions.

One person could set this up in about 20 minutes, less with practice, or with someone lending a hand.

There is a separate bag for the shock-corded poles, and stakes, so everything is quickly at hand.

The main problem some first-time campers find when setting up, is handling the rainfly in windy conditions.

A gear net is suspended from the ceiling, a great place to stow keys, wallets, torches and the cell phone (if you must take one).

Interior pockets provide another storage solution.

This cabin tent has a number of design features to combat sudden shifts in the weather.

  • Leak-free protected seams.Coleman Red Canyon Tent
  • Weather resistant fabric.
  • Waterproof floor.
  • Zipper protection.
  • A wind-strong frame.
  • “Cool-Air” port for ventilation or outside access to your gear.
  • Adjustable ventilation system.

The rainfly has fully-taped seams and covers the doors and windows, which feature Velcro frame attachments.

Coated polyester fabric, with ant-wicking thread combine to keep you dry.

Floor seams are reversed for enhanced weather protection, by concealing needle holes inside the tent.

The welding technology used on the flooring gives it added strength and eliminates needle holes.

A zipper cuff adds further protection from wind and rain.

The frame is engineered to be stronger and more wind responsive by the use of redesigned poles and guy-out triangles to firmly anchor the tent.

I have omitted costs because places like Amazon constantly review their prices to Coleman Red Canyon Tentensure you get the best possible deal. Just click the Amazon button to get the latest low price.

Don’t forget to check out their free delivery and returns policy.


Here is a snapshot of what some Coleman Red Canyon buyers think about this product:

We just came off  a camping weekend with the Coleman Red Canyon

Everyone said to seal the tent before you use it, which of course we didn’t do, but we were fine!

We had to set up this tent in the rain and I must say that this is the easiest tent ever to assemble!

For the short time that we had the tent in assembly, and without the rain fly out, we had minimal water get through the screen at the top of the tent.

There was absolutely no leaking in the bottom or from the sides by the seams.

The Red Canyon Tent is very spacious.

We had two queen size air beds on opposite ends and there was still enough room in the middle to fit another one.

I love that this tent has small compartments at each end, so it was a nice compact place to keep things like keys and cellphones.

There’s also a compact area for putting things above your head at the highest point of the tent. 

This family tent also has access for a small pet which I thought was cute.

This tent is just absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it.

– K. Potter, Rhode Island.

This is my third purchase of the Coleman Red Canyon 17-Foot by 10-Foot 8-Person tent.

My first tent was bought 8 years ago and the door zipper finally broke, but only because another user was not careful when zippering it closed.

I fixed it by hand-sewing Velcro along both edges of the door.

But after eight years of use and that was the only problem. My second tent was a gift to my son.

I have been camping when it was raining 24/7 and nothing in my tent got wet.

And it was a breeze breaking down the Red Canyon tent with the top tarp or canopy keeping it dry.

Good housekeeping of your tent will stretch the years of your investment, along with keeping the smokers outside.

The one downside is the poor quality of the storage bag.

– Sharon L. Keyser, Washington.

When we got the Coleman Red Canyon, we set it up in the backyard as practice. The directions were a little confusing to us.

But we did manage to get the tent up reasonably fast.

At the campsite,  it was just myself and my son, and because we had practised, setting it up took no more then 15 minutes.

Within a few hours of putting the tent up, it began to rain and I mean it poured for a few hours.

During this time the inside of the tent remained dry. It rained most of the night but we still woke up to a dry tent!

We were so impressed and excited how well it held up to all the rain we encountered.

The only thing I don’t agree with is sleeping 8 people, however we had four of us in the tent with some room to spare.

This included two twin air mattresses and one queen size mattress.

To make a long story short, I would highly recommend this great tent!

– A. Cavaliere , Florida.

A common complaint about this tent, and many others:

The storage bag is generally of disappointing quality, with seams sometimes ripping.

Campers often have difficulty re-packing the tent and have purchased a stronger canvas bag.

S. Brock of Iowa, USA, offers this solution

  • Fold the “wings” or rooms in, so you have close to a square.
  •  Fold each lengthwise end (door side and window side) to meet in the middle of the tent.
  • You will see a line down the middle of the tent once the “wings” are folded up
  • Meet each side (door side and window side) on the line.
  • Fold each lengthwise end again, but this time into thirds.
  • Roll and make sure you have the air out.
  • Fits right into the bag
  • It is advised not to roll the room dividers or the rain-fly in with the tent.
  • These can be folded separately, and stored inside the bag.

The Coleman Red Canyon best suits the budget conscious casual family camper…

…and it’s cheap for what is included in the package:

color-coded poles

Shock-corded, color-coded pole system.

Steel tent stakes & tent hammer.

Separate storage bags for the set-up equipment.

Built-in overhead storage loft and pockets for storage.

D-style front door for easy access.

Even a welcome mat for that homely touch.

Removeable  privacy walls.

With a spacious footprint of 17 feet by 10 feet, and a six foot centre height, this tent is still easy to transport.

It can shelter the whole family, but only weighs in at around 25 pounds.

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