The Coleman Instant Tent 8 is a great choice for anyone, but especially the novice camper.

Among its many features, the easy setting up makes it a top choice for you, if new to camping. After a little practice, the  Instant Tent takes a couple of minutes to put up.

Colman Instant Tent 8

The  quick set-up of  this 8-person tent does not compromise your comfort factor.

Coleman Instant Tent 8 boasts a unique weather-proofing structure to keep the family dry and cosy.

This benefit to you is possible because of several design features.

Material used in manufacture is claimed to be twice the thickness of inferior competitors.

Weather protection is further enhanced by leak-free seams.

Fully taped seams apply to the rain fly on doors and windows, which feature practical velcro frame attachments.

A coated polyester fabric, with antiwicking thread, webbing and thread, combine to keep the moisture outside.

Inverted floor seams boost weather-proofing by concealing needle holes inside the Coleman Instant tent 8.

 The tent floor is strengthened through welding technology.

 A zipper cuff is an attention to detail which protects the door from the prevailing weather.


The Coleman Instant 8-Person Two Room Tent is extremely popular. Read some straight shootin’  tent reviews below.

I have omitted the cost because places like Amazon constantly review their prices Coleman Instant Tent 8and make every attempt to offer the best deal. Just click the Amazon button for the latest low price.

Don’t forget to check out their free delivery and returns policy.

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Colman Instant Tent 8


This cabin tent really lives up to the description, ”Instant Tent”


The sturdy wind resistant frame makes it hard to believe putting it up is so simple.

Redesigned poles, and guy-rope system contribute to the strong frame without taking away from the ease of putting it up.

The key factor in the simple set-up procedure is the pole system, which comes attached to the tent.


The Instant Tent set-up steps:

after you take the tent out of its bag,  reverse the bend of the corners of the external frame, so the poles extend out and down, rather than down and up (the way they are stored).

Next, extend the four telescoping poles that go from the centre of the tent to the four corners until they snap into position at their maximum extension.

After you have done that you extend the vertical poles (I recommend doing the corners first) until they snap lock at their maximum extension.

Then do the same for the side poles, and you are done with the basic set up.

Lastly, use tent pegs to secure to corners and sides of the tent in place.


The improved design features have reduced the set-up time from, what used to be around 30 minutes, to a possible one minute, with practice.


Common gripes are relatively minor:  The carry bag that the tent comes in, seems a bit too small when packing up, although it eventually fits.
The Coleman Instant Tent 8  is NOT designed for hikers, it’s relatively heavy. But that’s  not a problem if you can drive, or have a short walk to your camping spot.
Some campers feel the  metal L-shaped tent pegs are inadequate in high winds. You can always take along stronger pegs for reassurance.


Overall, the Coleman Instant 14- by 10- Foot 8- Person Two Room Tent meets all the requirements.

  • At around $200, it’s a lot of tent for the money.
  • For such a large family tent, Coleman 8 person tent is so easy to set up.
  • All the parts, except pegs, are connected to the tent.
  • The cabin tent style ensures you can stand in just about all the floor space.
  • Huge windows mean the tent is particularly suited to warm weather because of the excellent ventilation.
  • Front and back entry doors for ease of access.
  • Added privacy if needed, with a zip down divider in the centre.
  • Space for four queen-size matresses.
  • Quality, extra thick tent material.
  • Leak free seams.
  • Waterproof and fire resistant.

The Coleman Instant Tent 8 is strong and durable, made from heavy duty fabric

Base dimensions: 14 feet by 10 feet.

Centre height: 6 feet, five inches.Instant Tent

Body fabric: 150D polyester.

Two doors, and seven windows: for 360 degree views.

Warranty: limited one year.


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