Kids Play Tents A Safe Start To Family Camping

Taking your toddler away from home and into the outdoors overnight can be a stressing experience for all of you.

Investing in a child’s play tent has the potential to pay dividends.

By choosing a kid’s tent suitable for indoor/outdoor use, we parents can condition junior a tiny step-at-a-time to the idea of going camping for the first time.

Read more about camping with toddlers here.


Make your choice of play tent easier with these tips:


What are your child’s preferences?: A boisterous kid will choose a different style of tent to a laid-back character.

You can choose between traditional designs and teepee styles.

A tent with tunnel attachments can become a playground for the outgoing personality.

Are you restricted by available space?: Whether you opt for an outdoor or indoor play tent, avoid disappointment, and measure the area in which you intend to set up the tent.

Allow enough space for the tent to stand without having to continually dismantle it when it intrudes on other activities in the yard or bedroom.

Think about the quality: Many play tents can be used either outdoors or indoors. Tents meant for outdoor use should be water resistant. They will attract more dirt and need to be cleaned more often.

The cheapest play tents will be fine for a single child. But if you have a couple of highly active types, it would be wise to pay a little extra for something of higher quality and durability.



The best play tents for toddlers encourage independence

I like the way Pacific Play Tents combine fun with safety

best play tents for toddlers

light& airy

Features inlude:

Generous dimensions at around 58″ X 58″ and 46″ high.

A waterproof floor, tough enough to withstand heavy use.

Shock-corded pole system.

A velcro front door closure keeps things simple.

Also available is a unique design featuring two tunnel ports with roll down flaps.

A full mesh top.

Click here for pricing and shipping details.

How you benefit from these features:

The dimensions allow for multiple occupants, invite their friends around.

A moisture proof floor is convenient during backyard use or to resist food and drink spills indoors.

Shock-corded poles allow for intuitive set-up. No need for comprehensive instructions.

A velcro door system allows kids to have a sense of privacy while allowing for quick, safe entry and exit.

The full mesh top is great for keeping the air fresh and clean. But parents can also keep a close eye on the toddlers without being intrusive.


The best kids play tents feature colorful designs

While compiling kids play tent reviews, the colors offered by Pacific brand, were a good indicator that kids’ enjoyment was a high priority.

The parents haven’t been forgotten either.

These roomy tents allow a lone child to be accompanied by an adult.

Join your toddler for some play camping, in preparation for the real thing, or just hang out for a while.

The tent is roomy enough to suit more grown kids, not restricted to tiny tots alone.

For added comfort, put an old rug or blanket on the floor and scatter some old cushions inside.

Even a solitary child will find comfort playing snug inside.

One of the design features allows access from three sides.

This includes one large zippered opening, suitable for a parent to get in.

Two sides include smaller round openings with flaps that can be draped over them.

A play tent suitable for outdoors

This tent can be used outside, but best saved for days when no rain is

best play tents for toddlers

Easy access

forecast. remember the mesh roof.

However, damp days, after rain has passed, should be no obstacle.

The waterproof floor will keep tiny feet dry, although for added assurance, I would recommend placing a simple goundsheet under the tent. These are readily available, and cheap. Just click here.

On the downside, because this is essentially a play tent, you will need to supply your own cord and pegs if you need to secure it on a windy day.

One way to train a nervous first-time junior camper, is a small period in the play tent at night.

You could do this also with the tent set up indoors, with the lights out.

Place a battery-powered lantern inside and tell a story or two. Or just chill out with your youngster while enjoying some snacks.


A word of warning about kids play tents

Don’t make the mistake of comparing your purchase with the family camping tent.

This is a play tent and most are pretty cheap to buy.

They will stand up to some rough and tumble from the kids, but they are not designed for “cage fighting”.

Most buyers are realistic in their expectations but I do sympathise with a common complaint about the quality of zippers in children’s tents.

Even the best tent for toddlers seems to come with a zipper that could be better.

Don’t let this put you off buying one, just be careful in its use.

Find out more, and check out what others say about the Pacific Play Tents.


A Teepee kids play tent is a popular alternative

This is a design that has certainly stood the test of time.

The Round Door Powwow Teepee is also suited for indoor/outdoor use.

A feature of this toddlers play tent is the durable cotton canvas construction.

At six feet in height and five feet wide, there is ample room for an adult to take part in the kid’s activities.


The basic parts make this teepee play tent simple to set up

Teepee kids play tent

Durable canvas

It comes in six panels, with five wooden lacing pins.

It is fireproof and water repellant, and safe for the kids.

However, the manufacturers recommend it is best suited to kids over three-years-old.


Kids with an artistic flair will get extra enjoyment out of this play tent

A selection of models in this range can be painted anyway they like.

They are designed for use with water, or latex based paint.

It’s a great way for the kids to add their personal touches and establish ownership.

A little parental guidance is suggested. 🙂

Find out about pricing and shipping here.


Prefer an indoor play tent, perfect for a toddler’s bedroom?

The colorful KidKraft Teepee is your answer.

  • You have the choice of attractive shades, including, turquoise, Navy and orange.
  • A mesh window allows you to keep an eye on things and the kids never feel claustrophobic
  • It is designed for indoor use and has a modest footprint.
  • The base is around 45″ X 49″,( about the area of an average card table), and the poles rise to 62″.
  • Assembly is very easy, and the supplied step-by-step instructions make it foolproof.
  • An average sized bedroom has room for this play tent to be a permanent fixture, if you want.
  • Storing it is simply a matter of folding the four poles together and putting it away.


Why not let your toddler choose which play tent to buy?

toddlers play tent

Indoor KidKraft Teepee


You are not spending big bucks for this sort of tent, so let junior choose his/her favorite color, which will inevitably differ from your own preference.

The basic structure of the teepee is the same for all colors.

Hardest part is the decision making about whether to go for a cool navy shade or bright orange.

Allowing your child to be part of the buying procedure will greatly enhance their enjoyment of the play tent.

All you adults need do is slot together the poles and secure the teepee with the supplied cord, and spring it open.



Will a kids play tent handle rough treatment?


The indoor KidKraft Teepee is not designed to be tethered outdoors, so it’s possible to knock it over during very boisterous play by bigger kids.

Generally, it has enough give to bend and flex during roughhouse moments.

TIP: When set up on a smooth surfaced bedroom floor, you can get more grip for the base if you place it on something like a circular rug.


Click this link, then scroll down to read what others have to say about this popular toddlers play tent.



















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