The Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 proved a strong and durable backpacking tent.

A 3-pole system gives great stability to this highly-rated free-standing backpacking tent.

Backpackers looking for the best budget tent, will find the Extreme 2 does not sacrifice overall quality for price.

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ALPS Mountaineering is a well established company, founded by Dennis Brune, who has been active in the outdoor industry for around 35 years.

Easy set up tent

Easy to set up tentindustry for around 35 years.

It is a successful family run firm based in rural Missouri.

Brune established himself in the industry by running the prominent Kelty company.

Kelty remains a big name in the camping niche, but Brune left because he wanted to integrate his family life with his work in the industry.


The Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 person tent is rated for 3-season use.

Its design is geared to backpackers, but packs up efficiently to make an ideal tent for car campers and motorcyclists.

  • The polyester fly and floor are urethane-coated, and seams are factory sealed for optimum protection from the weather.
  • It is an easy set up tent featuring a system of clips that snap quickly over the poles.
  • Getting in and out is simple, due to a two-door design.
  • The layout also boasts dual vestibules for keeping gear under cover.
  • Guy out points on the vestibule allow for securing the tent even more during windy conditions.
  • The fly simply buckles to the tent which makes for a very secure attachment.
  • Multiple fly vents increase ventilation and reduce condensation problems.
  • For added durability, zippers are the extra large No. 8 grade, on both doors and vestibules.
  • Mesh storage pockets and gear loft.
  • Aluminium stakes and guy ropes included.

Weights and dimensions at a glance:

  • Base: 5′ 2″ x 7′ 8″.
  • Center Height: 3′ 6″
  • Vestibule Depth: 30″
  • Tent Area: 35 square feet.
  • Tent & Fly Weight: 5 lbs 12oz.
  • Total Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz.
  • Packed Size: 7″ x  21″
  • Pole Diameter: 8.55mm.

Read what others have said after buying the Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 tent.

Value for money is a common theme for this budget trail tent.

Most tent reviews would agree the Extreme 2 is quality at a fraction the price of

Alps Mountaineer Extreme 2

A 3 season tent

some designer brands.

Despite a budget price, the extreme 2 offers both durabilty and space for its class.

Like every other 2 person tent we see, the Alps Mountaineering will readily accomodate two people, as advertised.

It performs as a much better shelter on the trail if you restrict the occupancy to yourself, and use the remaining space for your backpack.

Some solo campers appreciate the extra room if they take their dog camping.

Don’t be put off by my solo recommendations. Your circumstances might rate this a very suitable 2 person tent.

Two children, in the scouts, for example, would fit in nicely with their gear.

Or a couple of kids could share the backpacking tent, while the rest of the clan occupied a large family camping tent.

A pair of car camping adults would be accomodated, if they used the vehicle to stow their gear.

One good tip I came across for those campers who are squeamish about spooning with their tent buddy, is to sleep next to each other in the head-to-toe position.

This position also makes it even easier for both to access the doors, if a hurried exact is called for.


Some buyers of this 2 person backpacking tent have mentioned a couple of minor negatives.

But these don’t detract from the whole value-for-money package, and cerainly would not put me off owning and enjoying this product.

A little heavier than some trail tents, the Extreme 2 compensates with its strength and durability.

The most consistent complaint is that the stakes are not strong enough in some circumstances.

This seems to be a universal complaint about budget range tents, and is not specific to Alps Mountaineering.

If this bothers you too, and don’t mind a little extra weight, stronger replacements are readily available for a small extra outlay.

What would irk me more with this tent, and it’s not a real big deal, is that the rainfly zipper can be a little difficult to reach from inside the tent.


The Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 ranks as a reliable 3 season shelter at the right price.

Extreme 2 trail tent

3 season comfort

One of the pleasing features of this tent is that tall people need not be hesitant to hit the trail.

Even a six-footer, plus, would have room to stretch out comfortably, with a few inches to spare at either end.

There is sufficient length to accomodate a standard length camping cot for the solo user.

The tent has enough height for campers to at least sit while dressing or arranging gear inside with you.


Many other features add up to the Extreme 2 being a safe investment


  • The free-standing design for greater convenience.
  • It is made for durability, with the corners and seams having a good stitch count and robust thread.
  • Fly and floor seams are factory sealed for greater weather protection.
  • The tent is super easy to set up, but please, first have a trial run at home.
  • The tent simply clips to the poles, only a small section needs to be fed through fabric.
  • It packs up small into a compression sack for convenient carrying.
  • Two doors for convenient entry and exit, as well as adding to flexibilty and ventilation.
  • Both doors fitted with strong zippers, and feature meshed windows.
  • Generous tent fly for secure weather protection.
  • Adequate guy out points to ensure the fly is taught enough.
  • The fly buckles on to ensure optimum adjustability.
  • Two vestibules provide additional storage areas.
  • Multiple fly vents contribute to increased ventilation.


To make this tent an even better investment, I recommend paying a little extra for a set of ground hog stakes and a floor protector footprint. At least a cheap poly tarp for added protection from sharp stones or tree roots, and moisture.

This is not strictly necessary, but could add years to the optimum performance of your new tent.


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There are lighter, albeit much more expensive, backpacker tents on the market.

But it is hard to beat the Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 at this modest outlay.













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